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Suana Beach - Nusa Penida
Map Nusa Penida
Turtle at Nusa Penida
underwater life Nusa Penida
Mantis shrimp Nusa Penida

45 min


5 to 40 m

18 to 28°C 


5 to 40 m


weak to very strong

good level


Turtles, Macro,


On the east coast of Nusa Penida Island, this dive site owes its name to the proximity of the fishing village of Suana, whose beach is lined with junkung, the traditional small fishing boat.

We will get into the water on a slight slope with a gentle slope and will gradually descend towards a drop off with multiple colors due to the significant presence of corals.

As always on Nusa Penida, various and varied corals, sponges, gorgonians and reef fish (surgeon fish, angelfish, triggerfish, etc.) will be waiting for you.

The many nooks and crannies offered by the coral are also the living places of moray eels, multicolored squilles and an abundant macro life.

Near the reef, a school of red-toothed triggerfish, jacks and turtles often come to visit us.
And, as always, timely glances in the blue can be the occasion for nice surprises.

Finally, you will take advantage of the safety stop to enjoy a magnificent view of the corals before the end of the dive and the return to the boat.

The currents can be strong on this part of the island, so the dives are often done by drifting.


All the dives offered are subject to good weather conditions; these can change quickly. Therefore, for security reasons, we reserve the right to cancel dives or to modify and adapt the planned program at any time.

Check our Terms & conditions in case of cancellation, termination or for payment terms.


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