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PED Nusa Penida
map nusa penida
PED Clown fish
turtle PED
PED map



5 to 40 m

20 to 28°C 


10 to 40 m


weak to strong

any level


Turtles, reef fish, Corals

Ped is located in the north of the island of Nusa Penida (just like Buyuk, Santal and SD), right in front of our dive center.

On this site, we will get into the water on a shallow coral plateau (0 - 10 m) while enjoying a magnificent view of Mount Agung (if the clouds make us happy to be absent).
We will then descend gradually to make our dive, most of the time drifting, on a slope rich in colors and diversity.

In the area of ​​15 - 20 m you can contemplate corals, sponges, nudibranchs, angelfish, surgeonfish and especially turtles; no need to go deeper to enjoy the diversity and beauty of this dive site.

However, it can be interesting to go a little deeper, in the 30 - 40 m zone, in season, to try to observe one or more mola-mola which frequent this site from time to time, and to take advantage of a different view of this majestic slope.

Don't forget to take a peek in the blue from time to time; nice surprises are sometimes waiting for you. The currents are sometimes strong, on this part of the island, you will probably observe "big fish" such as triggerfish, jacks or barracudas.

At the end of the dive, you will not be bored, even during the safety stop which takes place systematically above a coral plateau rich in life.

This dive site can be accessible to all levels of divers as well as to Discover Scuba Divers and intro dive, depending, of course, on the current conditions of the day.



All the dives offered are subject to good weather conditions; these can change quickly. Therefore, for security reasons, we reserve the right to cancel dives or to modify and adapt the planned program at any time.


Check our Terms and conditions in case of cancellation, termination or for payment terms.

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