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scuba diving at TOYAPAKEH

Toyapakeh - Nusa Penida
map nusa penida_edited.png
Toyapakeh - Nusa Penida
Turtle Toyapakeh

20 min


5 to 40 m

18 to 28°C 


5 to 40 m


weak to very strong

Any level


Macro, Corals, Reef Fish

Come and dive with us at Toyapakeh, one of our dive guides' favorite sites for the abundance of corals and marine life as well as for the high visibility.

This site is located in the bay facing the village of Toyapakeh and which houses the port through which you will certainly pass when you arrive on Nusa Penida.

The launch takes place on the drop off in front of Toyapkeh bay.
Depending on the current, the dive can end under the Quicksilver platform south of Toyapakeh where giant trevally can gather, in the channel that separates Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembogan.

The dive site enjoys shelter from the strong currents that cross the channel between Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan, usually with a slight drift to the north.
However, the currents can change quickly and cause us to dive on the beautiful drop off, towards the channel, south, so stay close to our experienced dive guides for a fun and safe dive.

The whole site is rich in coral and reef fish (clown fish, oriental sweetlips, anthas, angelfish triggerfish, cochin fish ...). So whatever part of this site you explore, great encounters will be waiting for you.

It is, moreover, not uncommon to come across turtles, jackfish, and of course the macro as on all the sites of Nusa Penida.

This site is accessible to all levels, subject to good weather conditions.


All the dives offered are subject to good weather conditions; these can change quickly. Therefore, for security reasons, we reserve the right to cancel dives or to modify and adapt the planned program at any time.

Check our terms & conditions in case of cancellation, termination or for payment terms.


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