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What's the Advanced Open Water diver level ? 

You have the Open Water Diver certification? Then you are ready to move on to the second step: the Advanced Open Water Diver!

During your Stay in Nusa Penida, with 2 days you will explore underwater life in many dive sites and get your PADI course.

This course lasts 2 days and its objective is to improve your technique while developing your confidence. It's a step closer to autonomy and you will be able to dive up to 30 meters

During the 5 required dives, you will be able to try different specialties such as underwater navigation and deep diving (mandatory to validate the certification) and three other specialties to choose from among the following: 

    Enriched Air / Nitrox (reserved for divers over 15 years old) 
   Buoyancy control
   Search and recovery
   Fish identification
   Underwater photography
   Multi-level diving
   Night diving
   Diving from a boat
   Drift Diving

You will complete a knowledge check with your PADI  instructor using the Advanced Open Water manual

wreck adventure

Only 2 days course


Day 1: Knowledge check + 2 or 3 thematic dives 
After a basic knowledge check, you will do two or three thematic dives. After your dives, you will correct the theoretical part with your PADI instructor.

Day 2: 2 or 3 theme dives + End of course 
You will prepare and do two or three thematic dives. After your dives, you will debrief with your instructor and, if you have completed all the required exercises, CONGRATULATIONS, your instructor will validate your Advanced Open Water diver certification.


You have little time available? Opt for the Adventure Diver course which allows you to validate the first three dives of the Advanced Open Water course (deep dive, orientation + a specialty of your choice).  
If you were not able to complete the Advanced Open Water diver course for any reason (health, illness...), you can be certified as an Adventure Diver and continue your Advanced Open Water diver course afterwards. 
The Advanced Open Water course is authorized for children over 12 years old. For 10/11 year olds, you will become an Adventure Diver.
If you wish to obtain a double certification Advance Open Water diver/Level 2 FFESSM-CMAS, we will be able to propose you adapted and personalized solutions.



4.500.000 Rp* 

(around 280€ / 335$) 

Advanced Open Water Diver


* According to the current market exchange rate (see XE.COM currency converter for information).




. Lunch and drinks of the day 

. 5 dives required 

. Diving equipment

. 12L aluminum air tank, weights, porters  

. PADI Advanced Open Water Diver manual and certification 

. PADI insurance, oxygen bag 

. Taxes 



. Transfer from hotel to dive center

. swimsuit, towel, sunscreen

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