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Blue corner , Nusa Lembongan
map nusa penida.png
Baracuda, Nusa Penida
eagle ray,  Blue Corner
blue corner

60 min


5 to 40 m

18 to 28°C 


5 to 40 m


strong to very strong

experienced divers


Barracudas, Rays,


The Blue Corner site is located on the northwest coast of Nusa Lembongan, in the continuity of Mangrove.
Its topography consists of a coral plateau then a drop off.

This site is well known to divers all over the world. Many want to dive there because this site is regularly frequented by pelagic fish, and in particular, mola-mola (in season).

The dive takes place on an imposing wall on which corals, sponges and sea fans have hung in large numbers. With a bit of luck, and if the current allows you to take the time to examine some seafan, you might be lucky enough to spot some magnificent pygmy seahorses.
Morays and lobsters have also taken up the habit of taking up residence in the roughness of this wall.

While scuba diving, it is strongly recommended to stay close to the wall for several reasons.
First of all, a wide variety of nudibranchs are present; and it is not always easy to spot them even to a discerning eye.
Then, there is no need to move away from the wall to observe the different species of reef fish (triggerfish, parrot fish, angel fish and surgeonfish, etc.).
Finally, if you stray too far from the wall, the currents can prevent you from returning to the wall and push you out to sea and / or drag you down.

Also, even if you should not only focus on the wall, and look frequently in the blue to be able to have the chance to see rays of all kinds (marbled, eagles in particular), barracudas or trevally and tuna, stay close to your guide. and follow its instructions.

As a result, due to these strong currents, it is not always possible to dive on this site, and, for safety reasons, dives on this site are intended for experienced divers who have already done, at a minimum, a day of diving with us.


All the dives offered are subject to good weather conditions; these can change quickly. Therefore, for security reasons, we reserve the right to cancel dives or to modify and adapt the planned program at any time.

Check our terms & conditions in case of cancellation, termination or for payment terms.

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