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What is the open water diver ? 


You want to discover the underwater world and learn the basics of scuba diving? This is where it all starts... The Open Water Diver is the most popular diving course in the world. Nusa Penida Offers many wonderful dive sites to learn, and explore the don't hesitate, to get your PADI here!

This PADI course is open to anyone over 10 years old and no previous diving experience is necessary. You must be in good physical health and be able to swim.


The Open Water diver course is divided into three parts: 
Development of knowledge with a theoretical part (5 sections covered) in half a day at the dive center or by e-learning;
Learning of basic diving techniques in a confined water (pool); 
Exploration and discovery of the sea bed with 4 dives in a open water (sea). 

With the Open Water diver certification, you are autonomous up to 18 meters in a group and can dive with another certified diver in any PADI dive center in the world.  

For your Open Water diver, we ask for a 3 day availability. If you choose the e-learning option for the theory part, we ask you to read the manual (sent online) and, ideally, to complete the knowledge reviews and exams before starting the practical part. 

If you wish, from the 4th dive onwards, you can start your Nitrox (Oxygen Enriched Air) training.

Padi Open Water diver
PADI Open water Diver



Day 1: Theory and confined water lessons

After completing the registration paperwork, you will begin the theory.  You will be under the supervision of our PADI instructor during the whole course. Once the course is validated, you will do some exercises in the pool with the diving equipment.

By opting for e-learning and validating the theory part before arriving in Nusa Penida, you will be able to go directly to the practical part / confined water and thus concentrate on the acquisition of practical diving skills.

Day 2: Two open water dives (Sites depending on weather conditions)
We will go to the dive site by boat. After a briefing, enjoy your first open water dive of the day! On the way back to the surface, have a tea/coffee/snack break before heading out for the second dive. You will be limited to a depth of 12 meters for the first day.
After both dives, you will return to the dive center to debrief with your PADI instructor


Day 3: Two open water dives  (Sites according to the weather conditions)
As on the first day of training in open water, you will go on two dives during which you will have to perform several exercises before taking full advantage of the ocean and the fauna during a part of the dive dedicated to exploration; you will be limited to a depth of 18 meters.
If you pass all the tests, congratulations, you will receive your PADI Open Water diver certification, and will have time to talk with your instructor about your next dives or the continuation of your diving education when you return to the dive center.



You have a limited time available? Opt for the Scuba Diver course which allows you to validate the first three theory sessions, the first three pool exercises of the Open Water diver course as well as the first two open water dives
If you were not able to complete the Open Water course for any reason (health, illness, exam or exercises not validated...), you can be certified Scuba Diver and continue your Open Water course afterwards.  
It is possible to do the theoretical part of the Open Water course with online courses (E-learning) at distance. This way, you can focus exclusively on the pool exercises and the four open water dives. 
For those who wish to obtain a double certification Open Water/Level 1 FFESSM-CMAS, we will be able to make you a personalized offer.




Open Water Diver 

book jaune.png

6.400.000 Rp*

(around 400€ / 450$) 

Open Water Diver E-learning

elearning jaune.png

5.500.000 Rp*

(around 340€ / 380$) 

* According to the current market exchange rate (see XE.COM currency converter for information).




. Lunch and drinks of the day 

. 4 dives required 

. Diving equipment

. 12L aluminum air tank, weights, porters 

. PADI Open Water manual (paper or online) and certification 

. PADI insurance, oxygen suitcase

. Taxes 



. Transfer from hotel to dive center

. swimsuit, towel, sunscreen

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