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If you are obliged to cancel your stay (case of force majeure, illness ...), you must inform us by email, at which time the cancellation fee will be calculated.


. If the cancellation occurs 35 days before the diving safari or the diving training, the amount paid will be refunded within 2 months, minus the administrative costs incurred, amounting to 100 €.

. If the cancellation occurs between 16 and 34 days before the dive safari or dive training, 20% of the total price of the trip will be retained, so the deposit already paid will be kept.

. If the cancellation occurs less than 15 days before the diving safari, the full price of the trip is due or 100% of the trip. (For training, please refer to the section on cancellation)




For any booking of a diving safari or diving course, 20% of the amount is required as a deposit and the remaining 80% is to be paid upon arrival.

The reservation with deposit can be paid by bank transfer from Europe or abroad. The final payment is made by cash or credit card upon arrival.



The student can terminate the course following a fortuitous event or force majeure, if he/she is prevented from following the course for which he/she is engaged. In this case, you will only have to pay the amounts corresponding to the course you have already received at the date of your cancellation, as well as a termination fee of up to 30%.



For diving Tours : If you decide to stop your stay before the deadline, no refund will be made.

For the professional course: The training can be interrupted due to a fortuitous event or force majeure, preventing you from following the course for which you have committed yourself. In this case, you will benefit from a training report for the next 360 days.



The dive center reserves the right to change the dive sites of the same day for weather, safety or other reasons.


The dive center reserves the right to cancel the dive trip if the number of divers is insufficient.

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