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We propose to the rental of the complete diving equipment required for your diving days. Our team of technicians takes care of their conservation, storage and maintenance.
We also take care of your scuba diving equipment during your diving trip.



Penida Breizh Divers offers you the ideal SEAC diving equipment. SEAC is an innovative italian brand offering high quality products with exceptional performance resulting in increased comfort for recreational and professional divers.
We can provide you with the following equipment for rent for your scuba diving day for only

300.000 Rp (approx. 20€ / 22$): 

  • Wetsuits

  • Regulators

  • BCD

  • Masks

  • full foot Fins

  • Snorkels 

  • Alu tank


We put at your disposal :

  • 15 sets of SEAC BCD from size XS to XXL accompanied by its regulator

  • 15 SEAC Long wetsuits 5 mm

  • Sets of fins/masks/tubes for divers and snorkelers 

  • For your safety, we have : 

  • A "Dan Oxygen Kit".

  • radios on board the boat

  • A Poseidon 200 Bauer compressor with 4 outlets to fill the air tanks

  • The oxytronic coltry 600 to provide you with nitrox on request

  • All the equipment is maintained and serviced every year.

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